“I wish I’d been taught Maths this way!”

This is a very common compliment we get, from teaching staff on our training courses.

Visual Maths™ is a simple, easy and extremely effective way of teaching and learning mathematical concepts and skills.

It has been successfully implemented in a number of schools throughout the country. We are particularly proud of our association with Ernesettle Community School in Plymouth. We have been working with them since 2014. They are in the highest DfE quintile for deprivation placing it in the most deprived 15% schools nationally, yet they continue to make massive improvements in pupil progress, attainment and confidence. They have been in the top 1,000 schools nationally for overall attainment and the top 100 schools for disadvantaged pupils’ attainment in 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17.



Visual Maths™ involves the breaking down of complex abstract skills into smaller progressive manageable steps: right down to fundamental mathematical concepts, which are understood as ’concrete’ processes. These basic concepts and skills are taught using Visual Tools™. Successful application of these Visual Tools™ , in supportive yet challenging environments, progressively builds learners’ mathematical understanding, and boosts their confidence, motivation and enjoyment.
Learners continue to develop their mastery of these Visual Tools™, by using and applying them in a diverse range of challenging and enjoyable activities.


Multiplication as Making Groups
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