Visual Maths™ in Schools

Wheeler-More Education raises the standards of the teaching and learning of Mathematics in Schools. We do this by implementing the principles and practices of Visual Maths™.

We have made a tremendous impact on the teaching and learning of Mathematics at Topcliffe Primary School. This year 94% of their mainstream Year 6 children achieved Level 4b+ and 34% achieved Level 5, at Key Stage 2 SATs. We have now implemented the Visual Maths™ approach throughout Key Stage 2 and expect to be using it throughout the school by January 2013.

A cohort of 12 pupils was targeted for Maths booster intervention, using Visual Maths™: see the table below.

PupilSept assessment 2011End of KS2 SATs 2012Pupil Progress in sub-levels

The average progress that the pupils made was an improvement of 4.25 sub-levels (8.5 APs), with one pupil making 6 sub-levels of progress. One pupil went from working at Level 3 to working at Level 5. Schools’ performances (% of pupils achieving Level 4+ at KS2 SATs) have been dramatically improved, by up to 50% in some cases.

Visual Maths

Visual Maths™ is an extremely effective and successful approach to the teaching and learning of Mathematics. It has consistently increased pupils’ understanding, achievement and attainment. Pupils have a greater confidence, are more self-motivated and see themselves as successful learners.

There are three essential elements that are integrated into Visual Maths™: Visual Tools™, Visual Processes™ and a Visual Teaching Style™.

Visual Maths - children working together

Visual Maths™ involves the development of fluency in the use of supportive structured Visual Tools™, which are derived from three core concepts. Successful application of these Visual Tools™ in Frequent Focused Independent Timed Tasks progressively builds learners’ mathematical understanding, and boosts their confidence, motivation and enjoyment. Learners continue to develop their mastery of these Visual Tools™, by using and applying them in a diverse range of challenging and enjoyable activities.

Achievements of Visual Maths™

Project East EAZ (2006-2007)

SchoolPupils gaining at least Level 4 in 2006 SATsPupils gaining at least Level 4 in 2007 SATs% increase

Project Cromwell (2006 -2009)

Pupils gaining at least Level 4 in End of Key Stage 2 SATs
2006200720082009% increase

Project St Josephs (2009-2010)

Pupils gaining at least Level 4 in End of Key Stage 2 SATs
20092010% increase

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What Our Clients Say...

‘Simplicity! All the children have become more confident when tackling maths problems.’
Year 4 Teaching Assistant, Topcliffe School

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